Building Strong Foundations- Starting With The Soil

July 22, 2020

Before we start building a home we make sure every detail is just right, this will give us the unbeatable results that have made our homes stay strong for 70 years. One of the major factors that need taking into account is the solid type classification- creating a strong foundation for your home. There are many different types of soil, and they will have an impact on construction in different areas of El Paso. That is why it is of absolute importance that we do a study of the soil before starting construction. And until we have the right conditions do we start with the building process. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of soil found in El Paso, and the impact that this will have on construction.

Why Is Soil So Significant?

Wherever we are building, the type of soil beneath your home is of the utmost significance. The wrong soil could be catastrophic for the building process. Before we start to lay the groundwork, soil samples can be taken to see how the soil shifts or changes shape. Importantly, it needs to be able to bear the weight of the building. Soils, clay, or sand that are unstable could lead to cracked foundations. All soil will vary. When deciding where to build, soil type is an important variable.

What Are the Different Types of Soil?

There are two main types of soil. There is a granular soil that is made up of a mix of gravel, sand, and other particles. There is also fine soil which is made up of clay and silt. Type C soils are granular and can be a challenge to build on because the particles don’t stick together. On its own, it will have low compressive strength. The challenges that you will find with fine soil center around the fact that it can be difficult to build on when wet.

What Different Types of Soil Are Present in El Paso?

The soil in El Paso will vary depending on the area of the city in which you are looking to build. In all, soil samples in the area are of the silt and clay variety. There will be variations of this soil type throughout the El Paso area and construction companies should take soil samples before commencing any building projects.

How Can These Soils Be Built Upon?

The types of soil may present challenges with regards to their ability to hold the weight of the construction above, and in ensuring the best drainage design is present. Just because there are silt and clay soil types throughout the El Paso area, it doesn’t mean that building the home of your dreams is impossible. By using an aggregate in the soil, it will be possible to increase retention and pore space. This will help construction companies to create better conditions to build on.

Carrying Out Soil Samples in El Paso

Before we carry out the building project for your new home, we will make sure to get samples of the different types of soil so that your foundations are laid on suitable land. All the building work will be carried out after we have made sure that the land is ready to be built on. We have been building homes in since 1950, and we have been doing so throughout El Paso. So our experience in construction and soil will ensure a quality-built home with strong foundations for you and for generations. View our communities page for more information on our current locations throughout the El Paso and Socorro area and our available floorplans.

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