How to Optimize Your Home for Increased Productivity When Working From Home

April 27, 2022

How to Optimize Your Home for Increased Productivity When Working From Home

Did you know that since 2009, the number of employees working from home has increased by 159%?

Working from home is brilliant until your neighbor fires up the lawnmower right outside your ‘home office’ window, the children have a rumble, and the cats are having their serenade, all during a video call!

You can quickly become your own greatest enemy if you’re distracted by family activities. Having no coworkers around means letting go and expressing yourself without fear of reprisal. Even down to the necessity of dressing up! So how do you get increased productivity at your home office?

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Get Increased Productivity While Working From Home

Many people who work long hours in an office yearn for a landscaped view or a corner office where you can put your head down and concentrate on work. This can be achieved at your home office with some planning.

Choose a Dedicated Space and Set Up Properly

While sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your lap may seem comfortable, your back and shoulders will quickly become a nuisance. The correct setup is vital when working from home. This is true whether you’re using a spare room or a designated area in your home for your home office.

Even though you’re working from home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned with the ergonomics of your workspace.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Try to ignore your neighbor’s workshop noises or the traffic outside your window you cannot control. Instead, look for things you can control, like:

  • list text hereTurning your phone to voicemail to avoid chatting with friends and relatives
  • list text hereKeep a clean and organized desk

Look for options; if that same motorbike comes thundering down the road many times, try using earplugs or headphones to diminish the background noise.

Establish Some Rules

It’s not always easy to balance work and personal life when you live with family or housemates. This is why it’s a good idea to keep your work area in a separate room, as it sets up a physical separating barrier that shows you’re working.

You may also need to set some basic rules to avoid distractions during your working hours. For example:

Let your family know of any upcoming meetings and that they should not disturb you Perhaps set a timetable of working hours so that family can see when you are busy Be honest and upfront with your work colleagues regarding possible disturbances that may occur Give yourself a break! Keep in mind that working from home effectively necessitates everybody’s cooperation.

Do Not Over-Do It

It is tempting to, over time, when at home. When you don’t give yourself time to relax or talk to your loved ones, you’re more likely to experience burnout. Stick to your work timetable.

You may believe that maintaining a good work-life balance is more manageable when working from home. However, not only must you consider your family, but you must also set time limits for when you are accessible to coworkers, clients, and managers.

Balance Is the Key!

We hope that the above work-from-home suggestions will help you make the most of your time and give increased productivity.

Try them out and see if working from home is as productive as working in an office. Setting clear boundaries may help you appreciate your work more!

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