Prepping Your Home for Spring/Summer

March 21, 2022

Prepping Your Home for Spring/Summer

Spring is finally here and as we prepare for the warmer El Paso months, what better time to revisit the summer checklist to prep our home for the upcoming seasons. Follow some of the simple steps below to keep your home up-to-date and repair costs down.

Roof and Drains

  • list text hereCheck for missing, damaged or warped shingles and replace as necessary to prevent leaks.
  • list text hereReseal all seals around pipes, skylights, and penetrations in your roofing cement and caulking gun to prevent future leaks that can be from materials freezing.
  • list text hereCheck for deteriorated flashing at the chimney, walls and skylights and around vent pipes. Seal joints where water could penetrate, using roofing cement and a caulking gun.
  • list text hereEnsure all vents, eaves, and openings are covered to prevent insects, birds and rodents from nesting. Clean leaves and debris from courtyard and any exterior rock wall drains to prevent blockages.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning

  • list text hereReplace the air filter in your furnace/AC for maximum efficiency and improved indoor air quality.
  • list text hereCheck that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order (replace batteries if necessary).
  • list text herePrograms thermostat to save on cooling costs. Raise temperature 1 degree for every hour you’re gone up to 5 degrees (never turn air conditioner off!). This will help save money on your bill and keep from overworking your compressor to re-cool your home when you return.
  • list text hereMake sure fans are switched to proper or counter-clockwise position, which will force room air down to give a wind chill effect. Flush hot water heater tanks to remove sediment, and check the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s in proper working order. Lower temperature to save on energy and accommodate hot summer conditions.
  • list text hereExamine exposed ducts in the attic, and crawl spaces, and use a sealant to plug up any leaks.
  • list text hereRemove lint from dryer exhaust vent with long flexible brush.

Windows, doors and exterior

  • list text hereCheck all the weather-stripping around windows and door-frames for leaks to prevent cool air loss and replace if necessary
  • list text hereExamine window frames and all exterior wood materials, stucco, and mortar for signs of deterioration. Repair, replace, re-caulk or repaint to maintain integrity and appearance.
  • list text hereCheck for drafts around windows and doors. Caulk inside and out, where necessary, to keep cool air from escaping.
  • list text hereInspect windows for cracks, broken glass or gaps. Repair or replace in needed.
  • list text hereDuring the middle of the day close shades on windows facing south and west to minimize heat from sunlight.

Lawn, Garden and Deck/Balcony

  • list text hereTrim overgrown branches back from the house and electrical wires to prevent wind-swept branches from causing property damage or a power problem.
  • list text hereEnsure rain drains away from the house to avoid foundation problems. The dirt grade – around the exterior of you home – should slope away from the house. Add extra dirt to low areas, as necessary.
  • list text hereInspect decks or balcony for splintering and treat, if needed, to prevent further deterioration over the winter.
  • list text hereInspect outdoor lighting around the property.
  • list text hereCheck exterior handrails to make sure they’re well secured.

Done? Congratulations! You’re officially ready for summer.

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