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Taking the First Steps to Become a Homeowner

April 24, 2018

Untitled 3 no sign new There are over five million homes sold every year. That means you have a pretty good chance of finding one you like. However, knowing how to buy your first home is the difficult part. First time home buyers face lots of obstacles. Before you run back to an apartment, know that there are also a lot of great perks to owning your Tropicana Home. Some of these include tax breaks, control over your living environment, and an investment into your future. The obstacles, on the other hand, can all be overcome by learning the details and working with experts. Here are three important things to do in order to buy your very first Tropicana Home.

1. Understand the Finances

Luckily, you won’t have to pay the price of the house upfront. Otherwise, it would be incredibly difficult to buy anything. In fact, when you work with Tropicana Homes and our preferred lender, Patriot Mortgage, we cover up to 6% of your closing costs. The bank lends you money so that you can pay for the house. In return, you promise to pay back the bank’s portion of the home over time. This is called mortgage payments. In order to use the bank’s money, they require that you pay them back interest. The higher the interest percentage, the more money you’ll have to pay to the bank. Some loans, such as a USDA loan, which are available in specific areas of El Paso County, do not require any down payment on your home. There are many different types of mortgage loans, and bond money. Our preferred lender Patriot Mortgage works with these programs, such as VA, FHA, USDA as well as conventional loans and offers TSAHC bond program. They will help you assess your options to find one that best suits your needs. We offer plenty of options, so you can find what works best with you. At Tropicana Homes, we work with Patriot Mortgage to make your home buying experience as easy as possible.

2. Work with a Trustworthy Representative/Realtor

Not only is a good mortgage lender important, but so is a good realtor or builder representative. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you’ll definitely want someone who has been through the process a couple of times to help you out. Luckily, we have an amazing team that are always here to assist you. Our team has access to wide variety of resources and connections. As a result, they can get you into one of our move-in ready homes or find the perfect lot at any of our available communities to build one of the many floorplans that we offer. They can also be great advisors and guide you through the entire homebuying process. Needless to say, we know what it takes to be a good realtor. Find someone who will show you how to buy your first home with ease. Our team of realtors know all of our homes by heart and can guide you through the home complete buying process, whether it’s buying a move-in ready home, or building one.

3. Pick the Right Location

Here’s how to pick the right neighborhood. Tropicana Homes offers 11 communities throughout El Paso, Horizon, Socorro, and Clint, Texas. Each community has different price ranges and floorplans to offer. This is an important step to set down roots in your new home. Also, check these communities before buying your dream property.

Learning How to Buy Your First Home

If it’s time for you to buy your first home, know that you’re not alone. Your parents, grandparents, and others all learned how to navigate this tricky landscape, and you will too. Tropicana Homes is the largest and most trusted homebuilder in El Paso. After 68 years, that’s something we are very proud of. Four times, we have been awarded “Builder of the Year” by the El Paso Association of Builders; in 2009, we were named “Texas Developer of the Year” and “Builder of the Year” in 2003, 2013 and 2015 by the Texas Association of Builders. In their Best of 2012 list, The City Magazine had Tropicana earning the honor of Best Homebuilder. Led by Randy Bowling, president and co-owner, Tropicana Homes has been in existence across three generations of the Bowling family. It has been our privilege to build over 10,000 homes in this city.


In case you’re still apprehensive and don’t know where to start you can contact us! We’ll help you get started on the process right away.