The Top Trending Interior Design Styles You Need to Know

July 8, 2021

The Top Trending Interior Design Styles You Need to Know

Building your own home from the ground up takes a great deal of dedication and a lot of patience. That is why when the opportunity to buy the home of the dreams knocks, you answer with a home builder that will do all the hard work for you.

The fun starts as soon as you pick the interior and exterior colors of your home. The design is where you will let your personality shine.

Maybe you consider yourself a minimalist or you are more of a transitionalist. Regardless of what interior design styles you enjoy, Tropicana Homes has a variety of floorplans to meet your need.

The Tactful Transitionalist

Interior design styles that lean more on the transitional style are often described as elegant and charming. Neutral color schemes including light creams and blues are perfect for these spaces.

This universal trend is the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary. This style can fit any home!

Keeping your colors as neutral as possible make any space feeling clean and tranquil, go for vanilla, taupe, or tan tones.

Find furniture that is comfortable and that consists of straight lines as well as some with more organic shapes. Do not fill the room with accessories, similar to the minimalist design, less is more. With fewer accessories you keep the focus on the furniture and carefully placed statement pieces.

Lighting can be simple using clean designs with lines or curves. If you want to add a little pizzazz add a chandelier to the foyer or dining room. Remember, this is your home, so you make the rules!

A great floorplan for the transitional trend is the Tori traditional. The high ceiling adds a grand feel which will balance out with the transitional furniture. The natural lighting in this floorplan also helps make the design feel more welcoming.

The Fun-Loving Farmhouse

Kick it up a notch by incorporating the popular Farmhouse style that is at the top of everyone’s interior design style list. This popular style commonly marries distressed wood and linens. Mix these elements with beige walls and accent colors like turquoise and yellow to create a comforting home everyone will enjoy.

Cute accessories that include plants (faux or real), iron work, phrases, and pastel artwork make this trend a visual representation of “home sweet home”.

Don’t be afraid to add leather with warm tones to get the country feel!

The spacious 3,046 square foot Bianka floorplan is perfect for a home that wants to bring the family together for special occasions and holidays. You can easily add a home office space in the living room downstairs or in the loft on the second floor.

The Modern Minimalist

Break free from clutter and relax in the ultra-clean space of minimalistic design. One of the advantages of using this trend in your home is using only the essentials which means it is easier to clean and there is more space.

Solid colors with monochrome schemes set this style apart and offer you a timeless aesthetic.

The decor is limited making what you do display stand out and command attention. The trick is combining materials and colors to create a welcoming look without adding unnecessary items. Try mixing woods with warm tones and comfortable furniture pieces.

Bring your modern, open concept floor plan to life with this elegant styling. Let your space inspire you by offering a blank canvas free from clutter, chaos, and distraction. You won’t regret this decision.

The 1350 square foot Pearl floorplan is a great option for your minimalist heart.

The Stylish Scandinavian

This chic Nordic interior design style is understated and full of intentionality. Each piece serves a function without compromise form and elegance.

Open spaces, light colors, and lots of natural light characterize this design style. Avoid over cluttering and accessorize with purposeful pieces to bring the best of “Scandinavian hygge” to your home.

Clean lines, mid-century designs, and soft hues are the staples of this interior design trend. With the increased purchasing of plants, the color and natural elements, bring a pop to the neutral tones in Scandinavian style homes.

Any of our floorplans would work wonderfully with this trend!

The Glamourous Hollywood Regency

This interior style is a cultural icon. Captivate with the distinctive lines and shapes of classic Art Deco. Characterized by stark lines and sharp contrasts, the glitz and glamour live on with framed photographs and iconography.

Color walls in strong blacks and whites with bright pops of red and gold. Support stacks of crisp magazine prints and photo books with shiny glass and metal side tables.

The Zoey floorplan would look amazing with this design! The high ceilings, elongated master bedroom, fanned staircase, and ample living spaces give way to larger-than-life accessories.

Interior Design Styles That Impress

Do not forget that you can select from a variety of tile flooring for your bathrooms and kitchens. Just be sure to select your colors before the slab stage to guarantee you have tile that will fit your home’s interior design style. If you need more inspiration, you can visit the design centers located inside the model homes.

Regardless of your specific interior design styles, you’ll find the home of your dream with Tropicana Homes. Contact us today for more information on our floorplans and communities throughout El Paso and Socorro, Tx.

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