5 Unique Energy Conservation Techniques for Your Home

April 7, 2020

5 Unique Energy Conservation Techniques for Your Home

At this time that we have been home more than ever, it is crucial to consider energy usage and conservation to help curb overall home maintenance costs. Whether you are a long time homeowner, or only starting now, owning a house is a unique blend of creative expression of your personal space and responsibility for keeping it maintained.

It can be exhausting but rewarding when you can enjoy the home you have made for yourself. There are ways to curb that exhaustion and save some money while doing it! Conserving energy is a great way to keep your home happy and your finances healthy.

These energy conservation techniques are simple and potent, leaving you with more money and time to enjoy the little things. To assist our customers, Tropicana Homes provides Winter and Summer checklists via our customer portal at that guides them through many of processes to ensure the best energy conservation as well as extending the life of many systems throughout the home overall.

5 Unique Energy Conservation Techniques for Your Home

Between the impacts on the environment to the impacts on your finances, energy conservation is a big topic these days. While big impacts don’t come from a single home, there are still plenty of ways to shore up your energy usage.

Consider these 5 tips when looking at a few changes around the home.

1. Sealing the Cracks in Your Home Cracks in your walls and foundation are not only a bad look but they can be a major source of energy loss. Any cooling or heating can escape through these cracks, meaning wasted energy as your unit pushes harder to keep your house even. Small cracks are easy to fill. Gaps in your doorways may require a professional to realign, but cracks in your walls can be a simple case of spackle.

2. Revisit Your HVAC Unit Speaking of cooling and heating, the efficiency of your HVAC unit is often the key factor in your energy costs. Your HVAC unit can lag and be inefficient for a lot of reasons. Dust and grime can clog the filters or simple age can start to wear on it. Cleaning and regular checkups from an HVAC professional can help to keep your HVAC system good. When it does come time for replacement, look at energy efficient HVAC units.

3. Watching the Hot Water Hot water can contribute to a lot of energy loss in your home. Start by using less hot water. You can also turn the overall thermometer on your hot water heater. You can also insulate your hot water heater. You can do this by wrapping your hot water heater and the first six feet of hot and cold water pipes.

4. Combat Energy Loss Outside of Use The most simple of energy saving tips is to consider what happens when you don’t use something. It is a small difference that can add up over time. Shutting off lights and electronics when not in use is a huge start. Shutting down may not be enough, though! Even when electronics are off, they can be major drains on your energy bills through phantom loads. Smart power strips can help with this!

5. Checking Your Insulation Check on the insulation in your walls. Proper insulation can keep in heat and keep out cold, saving you lots in energy bills later on. Tropicana Homes are equipped with R-19 insulation for exterior walls and R-38 insulation for ceilings of finished living areas. Your walls, floor between stories, and any crawlspace are prime insulation targets.

Getting the Most From Your Home

With these energy conservation techniques on your side, you can shift your home bit by bit toward an energy-efficient machine, saving you money and peace of mind. Whether you already have a house here in El Paso or are looking at joining the community, we here at Tropicana homes are here to help. These tips were only the beginning. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today!

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